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30.05.2003, 03:31
I have downloaded my files, mounted them, installed them. Let us rejoyce.

My problem is i need "the original cd" to play.
Do i have to burn anything, or should i be able to run everything from using daemon tools and the files i downloaded.

I read the manual, it mentioned something about specific copyprotections and that i should burn using one of the listed programs for a 1:1 copy.

Me confused. What do I burn. Whats going on?!

I have three .bin files FLT-SC1 FLT-SC2 FLT-SC3

Any info
like maybe a generic guide on how to get things up and running would be very helpful

Also once i get the game up and running will i have to have the .cue files mounted to virtual drives in order to play the game, or are they just need for intial setup

Finally, is the step im missing (i assume it required burning) so i will be able to install and run the game of a cd, or is that completely different. Im uber new at this

oh yea, how do i disable daemon tools from autostarting, i saw in the options menu autostart and taskbar icon but i didnt know if they were misleading

30.05.2003, 08:07
Read the rules (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/rules.php)! :evil:
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