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06.01.2006, 14:54
Hi there. I have just installed Daemon Tools on my pc and when I double click the shortcut on my desktop it says no language support detected. I then tried to un-install it, but when I went to add and remove all programs I couldn't find it and when I tried to delete it from my desktop it says it was being used by other users.

When I installed it as well the wizard said there was some errors with the installation.

06.01.2006, 18:06
go to the map where you installed dt!! there is an unstaller :)

09.01.2006, 10:21
I'm having the same problem, getting "no language support" error. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, removing both from the uninstaller and from add/remove programs, but the error remains.

Any ideas what to try next? (I'm guessing its registry related...)