View Full Version : Forum SW adds additional spaces to msg, edit doesnt work (potentially dangerous)

07.01.2006, 16:28
I posted the following msg

I have the problem that the forum-SW introduced lots of changes into the content (which is extremely annoying as the content is a registry skript).
I posted a warning reply to my msg to warn the other users, but of course it wont display yet due to my <20 posts status.

Please just read the content of this first reply to the forum entry, i describe the changes there.

The fricking strange thing is that whenever i open the msg to edit it, it displays FINE WITHOUT THE ADDITIONAL SPACES. So i cant even edit the damn spaces out manually. Please help / advise on how to continue. (And also, please make visible my warning reply as fast as possible.)

Obviously i dont want to endanger other forum users registries by endorsing corrupted registry scripts (or rather working registry scripts which are just displayed wrongly by the forum SW), so i think this is quite important to get a grip on.


07.01.2006, 17:13
Yes this is a problem. But it is corrected by adding
[code] tags around the important areas of your post.

07.01.2006, 18:27
thanks a lot, especially for your fast response. Sorry if I came across a lil bit negative in the first post, but thanks again.
Issue has been solved for me!!