View Full Version : My computer reboots when i use daemon...

02.06.2003, 17:35
Hey, the other day i tried to mount a disk image, it was apparently incomplete and my computer froze up. So i rebooted. But now every time i run something daemon tools related, a blue screen comes up for a split second saying something about the hardware being bad, and it restarts by itself. Ive tried getting rid of the virtual drives from the device manager, it rebooted. I tried the bios suggestion form the forums, it rebooted. I tried uninstalling daemon tools, it rebooted. Apparently when i do something daemon tools related, it reboots. Any suggestions?

02.06.2003, 18:23
Ok, i have uninstalled daemon tools, i tried to reinstall daemon 3.33, but at the end of setup my computer froze up again and restarted...

19.06.2003, 09:00
having the same problem. did u slove ur problem? im to lazy to reinstall everything. is there a work around? thanks.

19.06.2003, 10:15
You both disable the automatic reboot in case of BSOD, then report the exact BSOD message and weґll see!