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09.01.2006, 00:57
Hi DT,

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Subject : " what is/can I uninstall SPTD layer?"
Copytrooper posted :
"SPTD (similar to other access layers) is not removed from your system after uninstalltion of DAEMON Tools in order not to disrupt other applications that may use it."

SPTD is installed by Deamon Tools. Thus no other applications could have been relying on SPTD prior to DT's installation.

DT has a good reputation. I'm not really worried. But we live in this new time where there is rampant exploitation of users via adware, spyware, etc. Users, at least this user, is increasingly suspicious of such low-level (BIOS/HAL) services left in place and running on the system "after" the installing program has been removed. It is traditionally good programming etiquette to inform users about these things.

All I'm asking is for more information about SPTD.
The "Duplex Secure Ltd" website provides no useful information at all to help me determine if I want SPTD to remain on my
system or not.

What beneficial capabilities, exactly, does SPTD add to the existing access layer(s) or services already provided by WinXP/2K/Vista ?

What application types does SPTD serve as a transport layer for ? User-level requests to what drivers exactly ?

Thanks much,

Bill Mudd

09.01.2006, 05:18
I'm assuming they don't uninstall it because other programs probably come with it as well. They have no way of knowing if you have another program that needs SPTD or not. Though I suppose they could have an option come up during uninstallation asking if you want to remove it or not.

09.01.2006, 14:08
What kind of programs uses SPTD?

10.01.2006, 00:45
SPTD is used in some proprietary security, antivirus and monitoring applications which are not disclosed to wide public.
But some other "known" applications will use it soon too - hope you'll know when it happens;).
SPTD does not add anything to "existing" layers - it works on its own and provides own interface only to mentioned applications and should be transparent to other software unless some serious compatibility issues are found.
There maybe quite a bunch of applications that use SPTD simultaneously, hence no automatic SPTD uninstallation.
But if user wants he can download standalone SPTD installer/uninstaller and remove it if needed, here is link
on our forum to Duplex Secure stuff:


Please follow the instructions at "description"!!!
f.e. use command "sptdinst_x86.exe remove" to remove the
SPTD-driver from a 32bit Windows-installation

10.01.2006, 01:10
Appreciate the bit of additional info on SPTD.
Hmm ... seems a mysterious product indeed ;)

Mostly thanks for providing the SPTD installer/uninstaller.
You guys are 1st class. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy and secure now.


Bill Mudd

10.01.2006, 01:12
it's not mysterious, it's only a driver, nothing more or less.

It is more or less similar to our old bus/port-drivers.

10.01.2006, 19:29
But some other "known" applications will use it soon too - hope you'll know when it happens;).

Yes, We know it is Alcohol 120%.