View Full Version : DT 4.03 doesn't work for SF with PCI/IDE

09.01.2006, 16:53
I have bought a PCI/IDE controler card to connect my optical drives and avoid unplugging them with SF games.

Since I don't want to keep the big 4 gig file on my HDD, I burned a DVD with the .mds and .mdf file in a folder, and mounted the files with DT from the DVD

With DT4.0 I had the reboot problem

With DT4.03, no more reboot, but the SF check doesn't pass.

Of course, the same files mounted from a HDD folder kick start fine.

Do you think a new DT release could fix it ?

09.01.2006, 17:59
If you don't change anything about your system except mounting the image from HDD instead of DVD it works fine, is that correct?

10.01.2006, 08:11
Yes exactly. I don't change anything to my system, only mount the files located on the HDD.

I forgot to say that my HDD is connected to the primary IDE channel of my mobo (it's the master, there's no slave anyway) and nothing is connected to the secondary IDE channel, maybe it's important