View Full Version : SCSI unknown drivers

09.01.2006, 18:55
My computer sees the device only while it is adding, but when this ends, it simply disappears. And I have "Unknown item" (well, I don't know how it is exactly in eng version) in the place where I should have SCSI driver (it is under SCSI category), and, just 4fun I think, its adding me one another unkown thing now with an icon of question mark... (under "other" or sth like that). I try for 9 times to reinstall, I was trying to install old version of daemon, I tried to install new drivers for this stuff but it is still saying me that there aren't any and I have windows xp... any suggestions? :(

BTW: my normal cd write/dvd combo still works proper
PS. the Common Problems and Solutions thread - drive letter(s) assigned to the virtual drive(s), or virtual drive(s) disappear (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/t3701-no-drive-letters-assigned-to-the-virtual-drives-or-virtual-drives-disappear.html) tell me to try install the drivers but as I wrote up - I can't because system thinks that there aren't any (you know, xp with this powerful knowledge)... and the cdrom device have the same, (well, I see its name properly, but the problem is that it hasn't any drivers installed and the same - he can't find any proper drivers) :mad:

EDIT: alcohol 120% have the same problem with emulating