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03.06.2003, 17:14

I'm creating an image of each of my own games (BF1942, CCGenerals, Warcraft 3) on my WinXP system.

I want to be able to click on the game icon (windows shortcut) on my deskstop and automatically mount the drive containing the game and then have it automatically launched.

I was told that I need to create some sort of command line batch in the Target line of the shortcut. I looked at the command line switches in the help and tried putting something together. Mounting from the command line works once, but if I exit the game and try clicking the shortcut again, the game does load cause it's already mounted.

How should I go about achieving this. i.e. how can I put together a batch or command line that will mount and launch a game.

Thanks dudes,

04.06.2003, 00:37
Goto download section, then 3rd party addons. You can try daemonscript or btewin.