View Full Version : Writing POP to DVD

10.01.2006, 07:57
How can i make a working DVD copy of POP T2T?
I have a working mdf/mds image.
What programs do i need?
Do i need certain patches for the image?
How do these patches work?

10.01.2006, 12:17
I believe at the time there is no way to make a perfect 1:1 copy that will work off an IDE dvd drive, however in a post i made i found that with an PCI IDE controller (SIL6080A chipset) and your dvd drive plugged into that pci controller you can burn your working mdf/mds image to a dvd with alcohol 120 with rmps on at 4x and starforce will think its a real disc, i also tried this method on king kong, SCCT, the suffering the ties that band and a few more starforce 3.6 and earlier titles

10.01.2006, 13:28
You don't need any patches, all you need is a good image (DPM), readed by Alcohol or Blindwrite, and to unplug your drives and DT 4.