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04.06.2003, 05:55
I read a few posts hoping for burning emulation for testing standards. Your FAQ lists...
Will Daemon-Tools emulate a CDRW or DVD-RW?

No, for sure not as this doesn't make any sense. We cannot see any reason why a writing device should be emulated, even for testing purposes to see if a burned image would work. Burn to a RW media if you need to test. The main problem in emulating (apart from it's senselessnes) a burning device is that every writer has different abilities.
I would like to help you understand why I would prefer a virtual writing drive.

I use several different burning programs, most of which are annoying to deal with, if D-Tools supported burning emulation, I could drag and drop at will, and when I was ready, save the .iso, or supported image file *preferably .iso* I could burn the image, or store it for later use.

I would like to be able to backup my files that I need secure, and a virtual dvd burner would allow me to store those files in an inobvious place so hackers might not find them, nor malicious virii tamper with them. Also I could burn them to a cd/dvd should I wish to put them on another computer for uses there as well.

Personally I archive my .exe files, and to lose them once was horrible. If I could archive them on a virtual drive that I only mounted say once a month to backup files, then I wouldn't lose anything to a big mistake.

As for the testing part, that I agree with you, is senseless as the abilities of my out-dated burner cannot compete with today's standards. I couldn't expect you to comprehend the capabilities of testing every available burner. The only practical way of doing such a thing, would be to "borrow" the way CloneCD uses to detect burners, by detecting their available capabalities that are easily accessed. (WISH I KNEW HOW TO CODE)

Anyway, that's one argument towards burning emulation. I hope it was a slightly more informed one as well.

04.06.2003, 09:09
Anyway, that's one argument towards burning emulation.No, it´s not - all the things you wanna do can be done with e.g. UltraISO (http://www.ultraiso.com), and you don´t really think that you can protect your data from hackers this way, do you!? The only way to protect data is to encrypt it (e.g. with PGP Disk)
but for sure not to create an image file.

04.06.2003, 22:48
perhaps another program can do such an operation then, why not d-tools? What keeps you from creating a more dynamic program? All I want to know is your thinking then, since you choose not to expand your horizons on the issue.

26.12.2003, 19:03

more and more Multimedia software supports DVD burning instead of giving you a chance to get an image. I own a Video card for cutting video. But I haven't a DVD burner in my PC. My brother has the burner but I can't install the video software on his pc because it's use the PCI device to render the video.

Now that's the problem and I think it could be usefull to have a virtual CD/DVD burner.

It looks like I'm not only one you would like to have this feature. :cry:

26.12.2003, 19:41
UltraISO can do that just fine - up to 10GB! So what ...

27.12.2003, 21:17

You haven't understood the problem. If the program only support a real device and not an directory you haven't any chance with Ultraiso or I can't find the way you work with, sorry.

27.12.2003, 22:04
Seriously we have more important things to do. Testing some kind of burning emulation device with all kind of available recording software just doesn't make any sense. May be someone will write a nice burning plug-in for a future Daemon Tools version, but don't count on it. Meanwhile guess why there're so many virtual reader softwares, but NO virtual writer software (little tip: 'cause it's just not that easy you think it is - and things like Nero's Image Recorder don't count ;)).