View Full Version : Corrupting filesystems of the windows 2000 server family?!?!

10.01.2006, 21:37
This has happened to me twice now. Once with 2000 Advanced Server, and once with 2000 Server. Both times happened immediately after installing daemon tools. With Advanced Server I couldn't even reboot into the OS, said the hard drive was corrupt. With Server, I actually got back into the OS, but shortly after was unable to do much of anything else. Is this a known issue? Both times was using Daemon Tools v3.47

12.01.2006, 14:56
Not sure about your original question, but is there any reason you didn't use DT4?

21.01.2006, 07:56
Did you get any blue screens (you may have had a blue screen and not have known it if automatic rebooting was enabled) or instant reboots upon install? Some Starforce driver versions will cause a blue screen upon installation of DAEMON Tools.