View Full Version : Is installing it safe?

11.01.2006, 03:18
Hi i'm a nub at this mounting image stuff and all and a few people recommended daemon tools so I decided to give it a shot. After going through the forums though i'm a bit undecided as to whether to install it or not because of the many error reports such as not being able to startup the computer. I've read that this program also comes with adware, something i'm not too fond of. Also the installation is a bit sketchy because I didn't select where to install it and it instantly told me it had already finished and prompted for a reboot. After running a search I found the catch file and moved it to the recycle bin for fear of it screwing my computer up when I restart. Could anybody tell me whether i'm just being paranoid or there is actually a risk?

11.01.2006, 08:03
I have been using DT for years now and never had any problems till now with the new V4. That's not to say V4 is to blame I got a new system and that might be the problem. The uninstall instructions found on the forum work (for me they worked about 4 times already) in case anything happens. It's and excellent program once you get it working!

11.01.2006, 13:18
The installation of v4 installs a required driver first (SPTD layer) which required a reboot - the actual installation - where an installation directory is required - follows after the reboot.
The adware installation can be disabled at installation - if you don't want it just disable the related checkbox in installation dialog.