View Full Version : Api?

11.01.2006, 14:27
I'm trying to get hold of the API for Daemon Tools so I can integrate it with some home theater automation software (Charmed Quark Controller - http://www.charmedquark.com/). I emailed locutus a while back but never heard anything.

I used Daemon Tools to mount ISO images of DVDs for playback in my theater, until I started automating things with CQC. Unfortunately when I went to write a driver for Daemon Tools for CQC, the command line parsing in DT was not cooperating with how CQC called out to things.

I'd like to write a simple wrapper app that links to dameon.dll to allow integration with CQC. Additionally, I could do better than just calling the command line daemon.exe by being able to provide feedback to the automation system about what image was currently mounted. This could improve the automation capabilities of the system.

I'm fine with not releasing info to anyone about the API, I just want to make an executable. I'd be happy to release it as a 3rd party tool for free as well, since it might be useful to other people.