View Full Version : WXP random bluescreens cause of DT, HELP!

11.01.2006, 18:29
Since I installed Daemon Tools my pc keeps on crashing over an over again randomly

I cant read the bluescreen because it only stays there for 1 second and then reboots; it says something (in my own language, Dutch) about virtual discs so I figured it must be Daemon tools, but when I deinstalled Daemon tools + Fm 2006 (game which used DT) it still keeps giving me these random blue screens.

Allthough I must say that the risk of a bluescreen is cut down to only 0,5% when I use zonealarm to stop all internet activity...I don't know what the problem is and I can't seem to fix it anyway, I did a virusscan, used a register fixer and did a spyware check and removed all problems and still ; bluescreens...

Now I've changed the settings according to the "The system reboots as if reset was pressed ("automatically restart" & minidumps)" topic but I still cant read the bluescreen as it still reboots automaticly. Anyway I here have a minidump file for you (can be downloaded from yousendit through the following link : http://s48.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2WJF9H78HQKDF1P3MP2HON7KFJ )

I truly hope anyone can fix this for me, cause it's really making me mad!!

12.01.2006, 10:27
Do you use v4.03? It fixes some issues regarding BSOD/crashes with some protection drivers.

12.01.2006, 12:48
I downloaded the newest version 4.03 yesterday