View Full Version : ...is not a valid Win32 Application: Possible Solution

12.01.2006, 19:22
When an Image is mounted with Daemon Tools, Alcohol 120% or a game CD/DVD is inserted into the physical CD/DVD drive, the program does not automatically start. When using the explorer the content is there, but when you try to execute the install a message popsup: "...is not a valid Win32 Application". If the files are extracted with ISO Buster, the files usually work.

I had a friend who had this problem. And I spend many many hours looking for a Solution to his problem.

Uninstall InCD or sometimes the whole Nero Installtion Suite. After this, there shouldn't be any more problems.

To the Admins
Maybe it could be nice of the admins here to move this topic to the Solution section of the forum or at least make it a sticky. Because I have ready many cases of users having the same problem on this forum with no other reply than, your file is corrupted.


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