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13.01.2006, 01:45
ok pretty simple,stupid too,i have 6 games i need the cd to play.i took care of 4 of them with the 4 drives.i used alchohol 120%.daemon for the virtual drives.AWSOME.i shoulda used this before.but is there any way around this,the other 2 games,can i somehow only need 1 drive for anything,just seems odd for there to only be four drives,although having any at all is awsome.can i somehow create a folder in one drive with all games in it and everything would be ok?

i cant be the only one with more than 4 needs for this virtual drive gig.

new user,take it easy.thanks.

13.01.2006, 08:14
DT Pro will have more than 4 drives...
u can also use Alcohol.

13.01.2006, 08:19
HI deeman

If you don't need all Virtual-Drives at once you can also use Daemon-Script (Download-Section 3rd-party Tools) to automatically mount the image and start the game.

13.01.2006, 16:29
yeah, i've tested it with dt 4.03 and it's a really nice tool, with it you can do more than just mount or unmount.

14.01.2006, 04:01
hi Goenk

thanks,this sounds like the answer i was looking for but i need a little guidence getting it started.i have d/l it and trying to get it going but need to know the steps needed.i can mount an image and save it as a daemonscript but what else do i need to do,and do i need to unmount the image before starting another game?also once you help me with this deamonscript addon will i be able to just click on the game i want and thats it or will i have to start daemon tools or daemonscript first.thanks yall

i have searched for help on this in these forums and others have asked but no help.one have said it is as easy as daemon tools but i had absolutly no issues with that.maybe admin can post a sticky on steps needed for both somewhere for the newbs like me.i bet more will try it if so, knowing how to use it.i know its gotta be simple but i am missing something and i will try more but thought i would post now in case i get nowhere.


nice.i understand it now,got most to work with one shortcut click,sweeeeet.but,1 issue.
for this old game my kid still enjoys playing,bfv,i can start an online game but if i disconnect from it to go back to the games main menu to go to another server it somehow sees the program ass being terminated,so then it does the next step,unmounts,then asks for the cd to be in the drive which terminates the program.i dont know about this one so if yall have any suggestions feel free.


14.01.2006, 07:39
It could seem hard at first use but it's not. My first script was the one i wanted, here's an example for PJ King Kong game which uses a launcher + arguments to launch the game :

In few words, CheckApplication.Exe calls to KingKong9.exe with some arguments to launch the game, then it close itself.
As i couldn't find what are these args, i had problem using cureRom.

So i do this script:
1. Emulation with all options on
2. RunApp with "...King Kong\CheckApplication.exe" > To execute the launcher
3. Mount with kingkong.mds > Mounting is not needed before this point
4. WaitForApp with KingKong9, TimeOut=0, "Wait for app to be terminated" checked > The next step will wait for KingKong9.exe to be finished.
5. Delay with 3000 > As in cureRom, waits 3 sec before to do next step.
6. Unmount > To automaticaly unmount the image especially only when KingKong9 is closed.

Maybe it isn't the best way to do that but it works fine.