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08.06.2003, 22:21
I'm trying to mount some CD-Images created with ISOBuster v/1.4 and placed on a SAMBA fileserver (running RedHat Linux 8.0);
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I can access the files ok w/ ISOBuster, but Daemon-tools tells me that it 'Cannot access image' or 'Cannot mount in kernel mode'. Should Daemon Tools not work over a SAMBA mount ?

(Strangely I can mount some old .VCD (Virtual CD) images over the very same SAMBA mount. This tells me that Daemon Tools should be able to do it, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong ?

Any suggestions ??

09.06.2003, 03:05
And I am using Mandrake Linux 8.1 as my file server(using samba);
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it works fine with daemontools.
What image file format you are using?

09.06.2003, 10:14
Thanks for the reply (it tells me that it should.. and can be made to work.. which helps).
The image formats used are .iso and .bin (regular data-CDROMS both extracted as 'raw' with isoBuster). The puzzeling bit is that, if I copy the extracted cd.iso image (which cannot be read by daemontools on a mapped drive) from the SAMBA fileserver to my desktop's harddrive... Daemontool reads it fine !! ??

09.06.2003, 13:25
Do you use some non-ASCII character for these images?
What is your OS version?

09.06.2003, 23:05
No non-ASCII characters and my OS is WinXP SP1 (RedHat 8.0 for the Linux/SAMBA)... But!! I just found out what the problem was!! CAPITAL LETTERS for the image names! If I rename the ISO- images - say cd.iso to CD.ISO - in the Linux filesystem, Daemontools can read & mount the images without problems.
I realised that my SMB-drive was configured to preserve case (which is not the default for a SAMBA installation). Why other programs can read the lower-case image files and not Daemontools, I have no idea - whether this is a problem in Daemon tools, Windows or SAMBA is left unsaid.

Anyway, solution (for me): Rename image files to CAPITAL letters ... and it works fine!

Thanks for listening and comenting :D

11.06.2003, 23:23
In Windoes OS the case does not matter. During mounting daemon.dll converts every image name to upper case - this explains your server behavior, it just cannot find that file.

11.06.2003, 23:45
Yeah, that would explain it... I gotta be more careful with the 'preserve_case' option in SAMBA, as it clearly breaks things for Daemontools. The funny bit was that other programs could read the images fine (even in lower case on the SAMBA server). Implying that it should be possible to read files regardless of whether they reside on a mounted 'CASE--Matters' kinda of filesystem or on a regular Windows/NTFS... Would be nice to have, but it does not really matter too much.. :)

Thanks again...