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13.01.2006, 16:46
hi dony know where els to ask but if anyone have an easy explanation of how to boot with an external dvd so would i be very happy, running asus a7v8x-x motherboard with amd athlon xp processor,

have a good day all
p.s have some compabilitty problems with dt4 and nero to
suggestions ??


21.01.2006, 08:14
If your motherboard supports booting from USB and you have the most recent BIOS version installed and you have your BIOS boot order set properly you maybe be able to boot from a bootable el-torito disc if you plug your cable into the rear (not front-side) USB ports (i'm just guessing about the rear ports because it happens to be a requirement on my system).

Regarding your P.S.:
There was a known issue with Nero 6.x and DAEMON Tools 4.0. Installing DAEMON Tools 4.03 shold fix your issue.

25.01.2006, 03:40
That was only with DT4 x64 though, wasn't it? Because he's running an AthlonXP, which means he couldn't possibly be running x64 Windows.

25.01.2006, 04:33
You're right.