View Full Version : Multi CD Install - Windows <-> D-Tools

09.06.2003, 08:42

Just a small issue, which i havnt experience befour now, but resently this is starting to get me annoyed.

When i install any multi-cd game, matrix, raven sheild etc.,
I begin to install the game, and change the image accordingly (left click on D-tools -> click device0 -> pick image) when it asks, and after the installation finishes, Windows comes up with an error that it cant find the 1st cd, which is obvious since i changed image.

I hav to then put in the 1st cd and hit 'Try Again'.
Its not a big issue, just an annoying one..
dunno if its D-tools or Windows XP

anyone any idea how to resovlve??


09.06.2003, 14:37
Maybe soemthing is running in background that still tries to access CD 1.
Do you also have AIN enabled?

10.06.2003, 04:42
yup, i've always had that enabled...

.. but after i posted, i installed matrix, and the issue didnt apear...

which baffled me even further, as befour i posted, i installed raven sheild and it gave me the error...
i guess it must have somethign to ddo with the autoplay menu the 1st cd loads up...

guess theres no way to make D-tools unload it when the cd image is changed???

but atleast my problem is gone