View Full Version : sptd.sys will not install

14.01.2006, 09:50
I just rebuilt my computer which required repair of XP and loading of all security and service packs. I also had to remove virtual CE device driver as the new security features stop it from working. But then I disabled the new /noexecute line in boot.ini so I could run incompatible device drivers if I needed to.

Problem is in all the work I did I deleted sptd.sys and now when I try to re-install v4.03 of D-Tools I always get the Sptd.sys install after the reboot, it goes no farther.

Can anyone help please.

I also have Nero and Alcohol image drivers loaded.

Thank you.

14.01.2006, 21:25

Maybe you can try this (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/showpost.php?p=45859&postcount=3) (uninstall then reinstall) :rolleyes: