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14.01.2006, 14:33
I've got a game which is protected with Safedisc 4.6
But does Daemon Tools support this protection or do I need an other program?

14.01.2006, 17:01
Yes, DAEMON Tools works with Safedisc 4.6

19.01.2006, 16:39
Can you please tell me how it works? (what do you need to turn of or on)

19.01.2006, 22:47
Mount the image with DT 4.03 and use SD4Hide or CureROM for antiblacklisting.

23.01.2006, 19:33
Hey, buddies, did anybody here use SafeDisk 4 Hider? If so, could anyone send me the content that it creates in the "backup.reg" file, cause I had this problem with sd4hide and my reg file only contains 1 string, and Iґve seen before that it needs to have more lines of "Scsi" device stuff to work properly (my Need For Speed Most Wanted is not working anymore)... well, here is the actual string inside my backup.reg:



And when I restore the device it doesnґt change the registry. So, please, can anyone send me the working strings?

Thanks a lot!!!:)

24.01.2006, 13:29
If you used SD4Hide 1.1 it had created a backupfile at the first startup into Windows\system32. Forgetting sometimes to restore it doesn't matter, Windows will recreate the reg values at the startup.

24.01.2006, 14:24
Oh, yeah, It worked, itґs only one string in the backup.reg, indeed... itґs only a matter of keeping the registry clean or with the SCSI line when loading an image with Alcohol 120% (or others)... I noticed too that itґs sometimes not in the mood to work... hehehehe... so, letґs push it down its throat...

But thanks for the attention, AnalCobra! Next time it keeps not working, Iґll just reboot... itґs easier...