View Full Version : Probs with TMS eXtreme, support says DT is still there

14.01.2006, 16:34
I have Problem with Trackmania Sunrise + the addon eXtreme, the CD-Check can't validate my CD. (it is a legal bought version)
So I wrote to the support of the copyprotection: Starforce.
They said i have to unistall Alcohol, i did. Then they said i have to unistall DT, i did. But after this they wrote me that DT is still presenton my computer.
But i just unistalled it! So what is still present on my PC ? :confused:

I think they saw it in the SysInfo-file from MSINFO.EXE that i sent with my mail. But i can't find anything there.

How can i remove DT completly?!? :mad:

14.01.2006, 19:38
Check related threads in common problems and solutions forum, although you should rather think about boycott this game.

14.01.2006, 19:52
I think it's an unbounded cheek to force people to uninstall DT or Alcohol to run a game.
It's not a copyprotection - it's pure harassment.

Btw: I never had Problems starting a game with Alc. or DT installed. Only thing I have to do for some games is to disable all virtual drives.

14.01.2006, 20:48
yeah u are right it isn't acceptable that the game does not work with Dt installed.
But I wanne check if the support is right and it is because of DT or if they can help me when DT is completly uninstalled.

So could anybody tell me what still is on my PC from DT, because I already unistalled it.

04.06.2006, 08:33
When I Installd DT my antivirus program faund som threts and destroyd them. This was during the first part of the installation ,for the first time install. Befor the restart. Now evrything seems to be fine but when i press play the game quits. Need For Speed most wanted blacedition. please help.