View Full Version : Catastophic Failure

14.01.2006, 21:08

I've tried installing a few ISO's (AoE 3; Black & White 2; F.E.A.R) but just before the end of the install I get the error: Catastrophic Failure.

I'm running Win XP 64 bit on a 3800+ X2 and dfi LanParty motherboard.

I dont have any cd writing software installed at the moment.

Any help will be appriciated.


16.01.2006, 04:37
How did you create the image files (program and settings used)?

16.01.2006, 09:41
Try to run these Games on One Core and not Dual Core.

16.01.2006, 16:14
I used CloneCD and Alcohcol. It works off the cds but its only the install.

20.03.2006, 00:51
I partially installed a FEAR clone which I couldn't get to work and then got the actual game to install. When I try to install I get the same "catastrophic failure" message on Disc 2 of five. I tried to remove all previous relevant program/document info several times but still the same error message.

Any ideas to correct this problem???