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09.06.2003, 23:25
HP Pavilon Laptop: Win ME, Toshiba Dvd-Rom, Alcohol 120%, Daemon 3.33, Mitsumi CDRW

Ok I needed to make images of Starcraft, Warcraft 3 and Diablo II because runing them through my CD uses too much power and over heats the laptop. I used 120% to image all the three games with securom emulation through my internal Toshiba DvD-Rom.

Diablo II and starcraft images work great. The Virtual drives load with no problem.

However warcraft 3 always brings up the "please insert your warcraft3 cd" error. I know I have the latest version of DT and I know other people of gotten wc3 to work. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for all the help.

BTW, I have tried using all emulations and different combinations of emulations and it still doesnt work. I've imaged warcraft 3 two times now and it still hangs up.

10.06.2003, 00:06
Try making an image of wc3 with dpm.

10.06.2003, 00:27
Sorry but what is dpm?

10.06.2003, 00:31
Just use securom new 4.8x datatype (which includes dpm). Dpm takes physical measurements of cd, which may be needed by wc3 protection.

10.06.2003, 00:48
Warcraft III's original release is DEFINITELY pre-DPM. If they've not changed the copy protection for newer discs, DPM is not necessary. It's just plain and simple SecuROM v4.62 without physical media signature in version 1.09d, the original version will surely not have a newer copy protection.

I got WC3 and copied it a long time ago, which was long before I'd first heard about Alcohol or Blindwrite.

Starcraft is AFAIK not protected by any copy protection (I'm not sure tho but every burning program should be able to handle it by now, it's not the most recent game).

Diablo II however is protected with SecuROM v4.68 - just as WC3 - and should be just as copyable as WC3. Maybe your disc is scratched? If you get ANY read errors while reading the WC3 CD, it is not a matter of copy protection but your disc which cannot be read anymore due to scratches.

13.06.2003, 16:49
it is not a matter of copy protection but your disc which cannot be read anymore due to scratches.

During the image creation process you should not encounter reading error for securom below 4.8 (called new securom) .

so check again your dumping process, if there are error for WC3 it is due to your original .

Normaly with a correct cd reader (for image creation) and alcohol (or clonecd);
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there is no need of emulation when playing from the image .