View Full Version : Windowsxp sp1 boot problem

15.01.2006, 16:25
I have windowsxp with service pack 1 installed. Initially daemon tool v.4.00he was workin fine but after few days i got a problem boot problem ....... which is no windowsxp password enterin dialogue box. (it just shows loadin windows and stucks there ... i somehow managed a re-install .... and mA windows is workin fine for me only if i keep the daemon tools virtual drive (set no. of devices) option set to disabled. when i turn it on now i get tht same pbm (with no password enterin dialogue box) on restart. Otherwise everythin is workin fine (i.e i can play all games with no pbms). i hav un-installed and re-installed it a few times just to make sure .... but still nothing changed.

P4 2.4 ghz
Intel GBFL board
1 40gb seagate (IDA) HDD and another 200GB seagate (SATA) HDD.
Samsung DVD-Writer.
Sony DVD rom.
1gb DDR
128mb Ge-Force FX-5200 (NVIDIA 3D-Card)

18.01.2006, 13:17
Have you tried Daemon Tools v4.03?