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15.01.2006, 20:45
I reformatted my windows xp yesterday and since then I've had problems getting windows to recognize DVD / CD ISOs. CD ISOs open and show all their files but some refuse to install. DVD ISOs give an "Invalid or unknown file" error and won't load. Loading them on daemon gives the error "Windows cannot read from this disk. The disk might be corrupted, or is using a format that is not compatible with windows". Also, some video files wont play either. Anyone got any ideas :confused:

21.01.2006, 06:22
What drivers are installed for your CD drive?

For a how-to on finding out see the post entitled "No drive letter(s) assigned to the virtual drive(s), or virtual drive(s) disappear" in the Common Problems and Solutions forum.

23.01.2006, 22:14
I have the latest drivers (KHOR) for my Lite-On LTC-48161H. My friend gave me a DVD iso of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and that worked with Daemon, but all other DVDs I've tried don't work.

24.01.2006, 04:02
Please read the post I mentioned and then list the drivers (ex. cdrom.sys ... ) You will see what I mean when you see the forum post.

24.01.2006, 21:46
I checked the virtual drive(s) and found some extra filters which I removed, so now they only have the cdrom.sys, storprop.dll, and redbook.sys drivers. Still no luck.