View Full Version : Dos/ntfs support - bootable cd

10.06.2003, 04:26
Make support for bootable cds,
If you turn on your PC you
should have the opertunity to boot
from a virtual cd ...

I know this is abit tricky because of the
diffrent filsystem and so on but this
should be a real nice solution to install diffrent OS.

Thanks for listening! :D

10.06.2003, 08:51
No way - driver needs OS - at bootup thereґs no OS - how should that work!? You canґt install OS from virtual or network drive - itґs as simple as that.

10.06.2003, 23:34
I know what you are saying but you could not say that its imposible ...

Just alot of work ... becuse you arent using windows you may use dos or somekind of other subsystem to access the hardrives there are other system program that allow you to read NTFS partitions.

But if Daemon-tools is built just on WinAPI that whould be tricky...

11.06.2003, 15:35
No, to boot the virtual driver would have to be part of system BIOS, ґcause BIOS is the only thing running at bootup! All OS related things are loaded after BIOS controlled drive access (regardless if itґs fdd, hdd or cd/dvd);
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so is driver for virual cd/dvd-rom. And there will be for sure no Daemon driver for DOS, ґcause DOS is a dying OS!