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10.06.2003, 17:13
XP SP1. Install 333 - install appears to work. Usual SCSI error from DT BUT New Hardware Found Wiz appears. In Dev Manager, PnP Bios Extension has no driver. If I had a copy of the driver, I could manually install it, perhaps. Any ideas? What should the driver be called? Why wouldn't it install? I've read every other SCSI error related post but can't sort this out. No Nero, but have DLA installed - don't think this matters. Have Adaptec SCSI with BIOS disabled. Have Intel Application Accelerator - can't see that this is related.

Congrats on your very professional program and support site.

I have hundreds of game CDs, oodles of disk space and want to store my many boxes of games away in the basement to make room for baby stuff.

I'm prepared to put in the time to get this going!

10.06.2003, 17:39
K. Uninstalled DLA, DT installed fine. :oops: Admin - delete this whenever you like.

10.06.2003, 19:13
I'll leave the topic so other users with the same problem can see your solution.

12.06.2003, 00:26
Do not both DLA and Daemon if you have Intel accelerator present!
Wait for next Daemon version.
BTW, same applies to Alcohol too.