View Full Version : problem mounting cd images

17.01.2006, 16:26
every time i try to load a cd image, there's an error saying:

"_is**.tmp has encountered a problem and needs to close", where ** is a random number.

However the same cd image works for other computers. what could be the cause of this problem? is there a file in my computer that's corrupted or that's stopping my comp from reading cd images?

21.01.2006, 07:04
Try burning the image to disk and see if you get errors when you try to run the .exe file (don't worry about copy protection, games don't often protect the setup programs).

25.01.2006, 20:51
it definitely works on disc but that'd be a waste of the discs. im sure theres a system file in my computer that's messed up. im open to more plausible solutions, maybe even involving system regsitry or kernel (whatever that is)

27.01.2006, 01:48
Please try to burn the disc, I can help you determine whether this is caused by use of or lack of error correction.

31.01.2006, 22:47
I had the same problem when trying to install Rome Total War and Fable (_is * .tmp error). A thrad on geek to geek suggested to uninstall zonealarm and that did the trick for me.


Hope this helps.