View Full Version : Prob error 25001 (0x61A9),5(0x5)

17.01.2006, 16:52
Hey Everyone
Got this error after doing a clean instal on my drive that has windows on and left my larger drive alone!
I am using winxp pro 2nd ed
avg antivirus

I have uninstalled every thing to do with daemon and rebooted a number of times and still got the prob!
I am also getting a window before the error code whichj says:
Could not write value Daemon Tools-1033 to key\software\microsoft\windows\current version\run
Verify that you have sufficient access to that key or contact your support personnel!
This is a home pc and I am the only user so guess I am administrator!

Can you help please?
I have taken a log file but cant publish it as it is over 10000 words ?
How can I get nthe log file here ?

21.01.2006, 06:08
You can upload a log file to rapidshare.de