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18.01.2006, 10:23
I am unable to uninstall my old version of Daemon tools since I no longer appear to have the daemon.msi file of my original installatino.

As a result I am unable to uninstall my current version and install the latest.

Reading several threads, I found that an Admin or a Mod should send me to my email the daemon.msi file from the exact version that I am trying to uninstall.

The version that I think I got installed is:

The problem occured after upgrading my Windows Se to windows XP

I already got from the archive the old install file 3.29 of Deamon Tools but this doesnt solve anything either.

Please HELP!


19.01.2006, 02:36
Here are the relevant threads from the Common Problems and Solutions forum. You'll probably have to perform the steps in the second thread I'm linking to.

Sticky: How to get daemon.msi

second thread,
USE THIS METHOD AS A LAST RESORT!!!: When installing, setup fails to uninstall old version