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11.06.2003, 09:36

After installing Daemon Tools 3.33 on my win xp pro, sp1, I got the following problems:

1. I was able to mount an image, but the contents did not show in the new drive letter (G:\). I was asked to insert a cd...
2. The CD-Rw drive (E:\) did not show any contents on the cds I put in, nor did it write to blank CDs when I used CDBurnerXP.
3. The DVD drive (F:\) did not show any contents either, but asked me to insert a CD...

I probably installed in the following order:
Daemon tools, then CDBurnerXP, then I UNINSTALLED Roxio Easy CD creator (since it has given me such a hard time, and crash when starting). When the above problems occured, I uninstalled Daemon tools. After rebooting, I got rid of the new drive letter (G:\);

at least. But that did not solve problem 2 and 3.

Both CDRW and DVD drives are LG drives. I have two 80 gb harddisks (Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 9) that are striped in hardware RAID using Sunsway Ultra-ATA100 PCI Raid Kontroller.

Now I dont care if I get DaemonTools to work, I just want my physical drives back...

Hope you can help!

11.06.2003, 23:28
Do you have packet writing soft installed?

12.06.2003, 08:21
If you by Packet writing soft means software like Roxio Direct CD, then I had it until I uninstalled this software.

After trying to fix thing a bit more, I realize that I can access my CD-RW drive and read and write to this. Only trouble is that I have problems getting the drive to read a CD instantly, and update the contents of the drive in Windows Explorer (and probably other viewers).

My DVD-drive has a problem recognizing CDs at all, and therefore I can not view the contents either. It asks for CD to be inserted...

Thankful for any help!

12.06.2003, 18:39
Please list all drivers that Windows installed for your CDROM drives in the device manager (cdrom.sys etc.)

26.06.2003, 01:49
I'm having the exact same problem.. suddenly my drive claims there's nothing in there, and I just recently installed tools.. I wonder if it's looking for it in drive F now or something .. (c and d being hdd, e being real cd/rw)

26.06.2003, 09:00

After some time, it seems like the problem has gone away...

I uninstalled daemon tools (as mentioned above);

and have been using my PC for a while after.

Now it seems like my DVD and CDRW drive works normal again...

Driver files for DVD player (LG DVD-Rom DRD 8160B):
Cdr4_xp.sys, v 5.10 (103) from Roxio
cdralw2k.sys, v 5.10 (103) from Roxio
cdrom.sys, v. 5.1.2600 (xpsp1.020828-1920) from Microsoft
imapi.sys, v. 5.1.2600 (xpsp1.020828-1920) from Microsoft
mxlw2k.sys, v from MusicMatch
pcatip.sys, v. 2.0 from VSO software
pwd_2k.sys, v 5.10 (103) from Roxio
redbook.sys, v. 5.1.2600 (xpsp1.020828-1920) from Microsoft
storprop.dll, v. 5.1.2600 (xpsp1.020828-1920) from Microsoft

Same for CDRW-drive (HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE8160b);

except adding:
ImapiRox.sys, v 1.00 (1005) from Roxio

All drivers are in \system32\drivers-folder, except storprop.dll which is in the \systems32-folder

Hope this clarifies things, as I would sure like to reinstalle and use DAEMON-tools again..



02.07.2003, 19:10
Hi I having the same problem. My DVD-ROM has problems reading with DTools installed.

Basically I've narrowed it down to that when DTools has "set number of devices" to 1drive and I mount an image, then my DVD-ROM doesnt read an awful lot of CDs/DVDs. However when I change "set number of devices" to disable, then the DVD-ROM returns to normal.

I am using a Liteon LTD163 DVD-ROM.

Any help would be appreciated,



02.07.2003, 21:07
@oeystein: I strongly suggest you to remove all Roxio software and check what happens.
Afterall - mxlw2k.sys, v from MusicMatch - what is it?

@Spin: any more detailed information about your system would be appreciated, if possible. Sotfware installed etc.

03.07.2003, 13:57
I using a Sony DRU500A as secondary master, Liteon LTD163 Dvd-Rom on secondary slave. OS is Windows XP SP1 (reinstalled recently). Four 40Gb attached to RAID array. Dvd-rom is drive X and Dvd+-RW is drive Z

Software installed, Nero 5.5, Pinnacle InstantCopy 7, PowerDVD XP.

No packet writing software installed.

Basically I put a disk into the Dvd drive and windows nor any other program recognises it, and windows just says "please insert a disk". The problem never happens with Sony DRU500A. It always happens when Dtools has mounted an image, and occasionally when Dtools hasnt. The problem seems to sort itself out over time when Dtools isnt there. I've updated the firmware of the drive in question but it hasnt helped.

Driver files for Liteon LTD163 Dvd-Rom:
ASAPIw2k.sys from VOB Computersystem GmbH
cdrom.sys from Microsoft
imapi.sys from Microsoft
Mxlw2k.sys from Musicmatch
redbook.sys from Microsoft
storprop.dll from Microsoft

The same driver files are used for Sony DRU500A.

Its a rather annoying problem as everything else works flawlessly, and I cant see a way around it.