View Full Version : Unable to get War Craft 3 v1.06 working with daemon tools.

11.06.2003, 22:50
Hey guys, I installed daemon tools and installed Warcraft3 with the v1.06 patch. I turned on Saferom and Securelock in the emulation section of daemon tools. I try to run the game by clicking on the drive in My Computer, but I keep getting the No Disc error. I read in previous posts that I might have to press retry a couple times, but that hasn't work either. I know warcraft 3 v1.06 works with daemon tools because i saw my friend's warcraft 3 work with daemon tools. So if you guys can point me into the right direction to fix this would be great. Thanks for helping.

12.06.2003, 00:19
Does it work without the patch? Do you have an image of the game? What prog did you use to make images and what settings?

26.06.2003, 17:03
I have the same issue, it still asks for the CD to be inserted.
It seems like, when I try to run WC3 it only searches my CD-Rom, and none of DT's virtuals. (Same stuff with or without patch.)
I used a program called Toast to make the image.
It worked fine to install the game, but not to run...

26.06.2003, 17:58
Works fine for me with bin/cue image and enabled SecuROM emulation.
My 1.06 patch (German WC3) updates the SecuROM protection to version - can you check your version?

26.06.2003, 18:10
My version? Of what?
My DT version is the latest, and WC3 is 1.6....
Allthough, I have an ISO, not a cue\bin.

26.06.2003, 18:16
The protection version of your war3.exe ;) to check get Protection ID (http://www.cdkiller.tk/) in case you donґt know how.

26.06.2003, 18:32
Ah, thank you.
I just checked, and it turned out the same as yours.
SecuROM v

26.06.2003, 19:13
If you could figure a way to solve this I'd be forever thankful!

26.06.2003, 19:27
Unfortunately I donґt have a clue ... it works for me even with an iso I just created for testing.
How did you create the iso? Can you make ccd from your original with sub-channel data?

26.06.2003, 19:29
I used a program called Toast, its a MAC program.
ccd = CloneCD?

30.06.2003, 15:49
Theres a new patch for Warcraft 3, and it updates the SecuROM version to - ..
How high can you go? ;p *lambada*
Anyways, does DT have support for it?

30.06.2003, 20:13
Just figured I'd try the Warcraft III Map editor, wich also require the CD to run, so I tried with DT and CloneCD image, it worked just fine...
What I'm wondering is, is it the update from blizzard that has made DT infunctionable?

30.06.2003, 21:14
Do you play with enabled SecuROM emulation?
ccd with good subchannel data should not need emulation, so try without it.

01.07.2003, 19:48
I've tried with SecuROM on and off, still doesnt work..
getting pretty tired of this :p

01.07.2003, 20:34
Which ASPI drivers are you using?

01.07.2003, 22:15
Not sure really.. Default windows drivers i guess..

01.07.2003, 23:15
Well, try to install ASPI 4.60 and check.

02.07.2003, 04:12
ASPI 4.60? Not 4.71?

02.07.2003, 07:02
There were some reports about problems with 4.7x, so try 4.60.

02.07.2003, 12:33
Gah.. cant find 4.60 :..

02.07.2003, 21:57
OH NEVER MIND! :p:p:p:p
I found the source of the problem, you see I have this MP3 player. I've had it plugged in to my USB-port all the time it hasnt been working, today it worked (I used the mp3 player so I had to unplug the MP3 player from the computer.)
Thanks for trying anyway, super support from you guys.