View Full Version : problems with upgrade to 4.03-x86 from 3.47.0

19.01.2006, 17:42
Here's what happened.
I'm running xp pro sp2.
3.47.0 was installed with no 3rd party plugs. I think the problem started from me deciding to run the 4.03 install file instead of save it to disk first and running it later. Anyhow 4.03 installed as an update and then asked for a reboot. I rebooted, however when the system started back up I got a "product not installed error" I found this was in the common problems list in the support forums and so went to follow the advice of uninstall 4.03-reboot- reinstall 3.47.0-reboot-uninstall 3 reboot reinstall 4 and hey presto... however although daemon tools v4 ran and was functional - the 2 drives i had loaded when i had v3 were still loaded and unable to be controlled by v4! :confused:
So i went ahead and uninstalled v4 - this didnt get rid of the 2 extra drives, I went to reinstall v3 and near the end - BLAM
"device setup error code: 25041 (0x61d1), 80 (0x50)" contact support
so this fix doesn't work!
how can i clear all this up and get v4 running?
thanks heaps everyone in advance who gives feedback!:D
(and maybe in future put in bold letters somewhere to run the installer from the hard drive and not just to click run like some of us idiots do lol:rolleyes: )

19.01.2006, 22:42
Remove v3.47 manually by following all steps mentioned in thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum, also check autostart entry mentioned in thread about product not installed error. These steps should actually remove all drives of v3.47 version and stop the product not installed error (if you're sure no 3rd party add-ons are installed). Reboot after the procedure, then re-install v4.03.