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20.11.2002, 09:38
Every once and a while on both my computer and my mother's (don't ask LOL!) when the computer gets rebooted for whatever reason, as soon as windows loads up I get an error that says no language detected, and Daemon Tools refuses to load. It took me a LONG time to track the error to daemon tools, and the only way I can seem to fix it is to delete daemon tools and reinstall it. This isn't a major problem, and it doesn't happen THAT often, and I usually use it as a good time to check for an update ( :roll: ) but I would like to know if there is a way to stop this from happening. I run Win2K SP3 (so does my mother) and I havn't used daemon tools or changed it in any way in over a week (is it mad at me??). The only thing I've really done is upgrade my Nvidia display drivers, but I doubt that has anything to do with it. it's not super important, but I would like to know if there is anything I can do. Oh, I should mention that it wasn't the latest version that did this to me, but it has happened for almost every version starting at 2.8. I don't know if that's when it started or not, but I remember upgrading from that version because of the problem, and hoping it was solved in 3.00. I THINK I have 3.2 now, and will be installing 3.23 shortly. Thanks guys!

20.11.2002, 09:51
hm, I remember having a similar problem. Try going to start, run, then type C:\program files\D-Tools\daemon.exe and click ok (you might need to change paths).

20.11.2002, 10:06
Don't use any registry cleaners on your system.

20.11.2002, 10:14
Andareed: nope doesn't work when I restart it, thanks though! :)

VeNoM386: Yep, that'd probably be the cause! I just ran fixit2K and that was the first reboot afterwards. Thank you SOOO much! one question though, what does the reg cleaner delete that it shouldn't. If I make sure I uncheck that part before deleting them, then running a reg cleaber should be okay still right?

wow! thanks both of you for such quick responses!

20.11.2002, 10:57
If it deletes entries of DAEMON Tools who'll guarantee that it won't clean entries of other progs it shouldn't?!?!

20.11.2002, 12:04
It deletes something in Windows Installer section of registry. Authors of this program are plain idiots.

21.11.2002, 06:40
okay thanks for the help! I'll have to be more careful with my reg-fixing/editing. But at least I know what to look out for! :)