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12.06.2003, 16:03
Ok, where to start...

I made 1:1 copies of GTA: Vice City and Enter The Matrix from the original CDs. Neither game accepts the images. I've tried loading the .cue, .ccd, and .img for both. I've tried loading it with no emulation, with SecuROM emulation, and with all emulation.

I just upgraded to Daemon Tools 3.33. Still not working. I do have Enter The Matrix patched.

From your game database:

GTA 3: Vice City SecuROM
Enter the Matrix SecuROM
Enter The Matrix 1.52 SecuROM

12.06.2003, 16:11
Also, just to note, I used CloneCD According to the help file in Daemon Tools:

If you don't have hardware being able to read & write the 16 byte PQ subchannel data needed to do a perfect copy of securom protected CDs just do a 'normal' 1:1 copy of the CD using one of the burning programs here and use Daemon-Tools to play. Just enable the Securom emulation in Daemon-Tools and your copy will run like the original.

I don't know about the 16-byte P/Q subchannel, but I do have the .sub subchannel data along with my images. But, I enabled SecuROM emulation, and it still doesn't work.

12.06.2003, 18:10
CloneCD isn't capable of copying SecuROM v4.8x. Try Alcohol instead (see my signature)

12.06.2003, 20:12
But I haven't written the CD. According to Daemon Tool's help file, it can emulate SecuROM v4.8x from an image. Is that not correct?

12.06.2003, 23:08
Yes, it can. But image must be in MDS format with DPM information. Only Alcohol can make such images. It is also possible to emulate with BWT image (Blindread) + BWA file.

13.06.2003, 15:35
For further information, please have a look at the thread Some facts about SecuROM v4.8x (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/viewtopic.php?t=274). Although a bit outdated, it still covers the basic facts of the newest SecuROM version.

Furthermore you can find a tutorial on how to copy SecuROM on the Alcohol Support Forum: RMPS Walkthrough (http://forum.alcohol-software.com/index.php?act=ST&f=18&t=1531&s=203d89d7b7e0f848f08f423f617e0ebb).

Those articles should clear things up for you... :)