View Full Version : Installing the SPTD driver

21.01.2006, 05:41
I just came out of a repair install on my PC, and am trying to get things back... such as Daemon Tools.

When it gets to installing the driver, I get this message: "Failed to open config key." I checked the registry for anything under D-Tools, just in case some things were somehow left over; I found nothing.

Is there any solution to this (other than formatting >.<)?

21.01.2006, 06:42
Check out the posts entitled "How to remove DAEMON Tools V4" and "My system won't boot after installation of v4, or problems with SPTD.SYS" in the Common Problems and Solutions forum. They should help you to remove any remaining parts of DAEMON Tools 4 and then perform a clean reinstall.

21.01.2006, 10:57
Download sptdinst.exe (in our download section), boot into safe mode and run sptdinst add, then boot into normal mode and continue Daemon Tools installation.

21.01.2006, 19:05
Well, I went into Safe Mode, and tried to re-install the driver. It kept giving me the same error messages, so I deleted the .sys file. The problem still persisted, so I went through, and took out every reference to the driver in the registry, including where it said 'sptd' in the windows auto-update stuff. It seems to work just fine, now.

22.01.2006, 01:24
Good news.