View Full Version : Problem with DaemonTools4.03

21.01.2006, 18:11
I have a problem during the installation of "Daemon Tools 4.03", the installation stops and I have this message:


Can you help me please ? Thank you in advance.
The older versions worked.

PS: I don't speak English very well so I couldn't understand certain explanations on the forum.

22.01.2006, 15:35
Try to disable antivirus durin SPTD layer installation, or run setup in safe mode, then reboot into normal mode and continue installation.

22.01.2006, 15:50
I solved the problem yesterday:
1. I've downloaded SPTDinst
2. I've booted in safe mode
3. I've run SPTDinst remove
4. I've run SPTDinst add
5. I've booted in normal mode
6. I've installed DT 3.47
7. I've updated DT 3.47 to DT 4.03

And now it's work very well ! Thank you ! DT is a very good program :D

23.01.2006, 17:56
Well, step six could have been avoided as you didn't need 3.47 to be installed first, but it's good that you got your problem solved regardless.