View Full Version : DT 4.03 x86 installation problem..

22.01.2006, 18:24
First.. i download Dt 4.0.3 x 86... i have an 64-bits compuuter but i dont have an 64-bits OS.. so i download that..xD..
i try to install and this message appears..
"This Program will Install SCSI Pass Through Direct (SPTD) layer on your computer. WARNING - SPTD is not compatible with kernel mode debuggers (SoftICE, WinDBG etc.)! Please cancel setup if you plan t use kernel debugger on this machine."
Then i press "ok" ..and ask me to reboot.. so i reboot .. then i try to run again the install and send me the SAME message.. well i read in the forums.. that i have to install sptd so i download.. from the download section.. i reboot first.. in safe mode "add" the sptd.. reboot again.. enter in normal mode.. and execute again DT.. but the SAME message agaiiiiiiiiin!!!! =_=.. i dont know what to do.. so please help!!! ..
my OS is windows xp pro servipack 2..
y try out with dt 3.44 the installation runs well but when i reboot.. send a message of INPUT DEVICE.. so no one works for me u.u.. help me please!!..
My english s0x.. (Im from Chile) so sorry.. xD..
Thanks for reading..


I have also.. Nero express 6 .. i dont know if that sw makes any problem in dt or any other sw (alcohol 120% or fantom cd) ..at the time there's no sw that works for me ... PLEASE HEEEEEEEEEELP!!! >.<!