View Full Version : system hangs playing Comanche 4 from virtual drive

22.01.2006, 19:15
Hi,, i have weird problem i install and play game Comanche 4( original disc in dvd rw drive, nothing in mounted in DT ),, when i play it crash and my system hang up i must restert after restart my system freeze after few minutes ,, when i look after another restart to event manager it say this :ID : 51 On drive /Drive/Cdrom1 was be detect bug (sorry i have czech windows i try translate it how i can) ,, when i disable virtual cd rom and Dt itself everything work fine,, before this not happen to me ,

Radeon X700 pro 256 mb
Gigabyte 7VT600
1 Seagate 80gb hdd
1 WD 80 gb hdd
on secondary LG DVD RW 4180
1 GB RAM , 2 gh Amd