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22.01.2006, 23:11
hi. im kind of new to daemon tools and dont know which program to down.... the 32 bit or the 64 bit..... i have windows xp home edition but don't know how to check what kind of bit i have.:confused:

23.01.2006, 13:21
Start the explorer (my computer) click on "?" and then on Info or search the windows disc stocked with your pc and look if it's the x64 version. The most people have a 32bit (x86), i know some people having a 64bit cpu but they actually use the 32bit windows.

23.01.2006, 13:25
Most likely you need the 32bit version.

23.01.2006, 15:17
XP Home is always 32-bit...
The only 64-bit edition of windows is called... "Microsoft Windows XP Professional 64-bit Edition"
This means XP Professional only... all XP home editions are 32-bit....

In summary darkswordman99, you need to download DAEMON Tools 4.0.3 X86.... (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/download.php?mode=Download&id=81)

23.01.2006, 22:56
Curses, you beat me to it, AmphetaMarinE. Though in reality, one could just say that if you don't know if you're running x64, then you're probably not. I don't think anyone could run it without realizing it, but I suppose anything's possible.

24.01.2006, 06:05
haha Jito... pm me next time, and ill wait for your reply on a post ;)

keke.... i know i hate it when that happens... :P