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23.01.2006, 23:22
Also, if I want to copy a pc game onto my hard drive so that i wont have to use the cd to play the game anymore, what software would I need? If i do this, can i still play the game online?

24.01.2006, 02:17
Please read the manual.

DAEMON Tools Help (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/daemonhelp.php?helppage=17)

what software would I need?Scroll down to RECOMMENDED BURNING PROGRAMS.

24.01.2006, 04:15
How do I mount an image? I have the game C&C: Red Alert 2. I put it into my D: drive because I only have 1 drive (im using a laptop). I right click on the Daemon Tools icon on my system tray, then "Virtual CD/DVD-ROM" but I go to "Device 0 [E:] No Media" then "Mount Image". I browse my computer and go to my D drive. However I cant find any files that daemon tools is looking for (cue, iso, btw, etc...). What am I doing wrong?

24.01.2006, 04:18
Hello everyone. Im new to the forum. I want to be able to backup my pc game, Command and Conquer: Red Alert II. So far I have these programs: DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink, Nero 7, Daemon Tools, AnyDVD, CloneDVD, CloneCD. However, I dont know what to do next. Can any1 help me or provide me with a guide to follow?

24.01.2006, 04:32
link: Getting RA2 to work.

I see your post title mentions burning. DAEMON Tools doesn't burn discs. Do you care if you play from the DAEMON Tools virtual drive?

24.01.2006, 18:47
After I mount the image (of any pc game) onto my hard drive, can I burn those files into a cd/dvd so that I can play it from the cd/dvd?

24.01.2006, 23:27
Yes, that's possible. Note that you may provoke problems though if you eject the disc while the image that's on it is still mounted.