View Full Version : how to set up DAEMON Tools after installing

Dart Matsuraki
22.01.2006, 22:47
I dont get how to use this. I am a newcomer to DAEMON Tools and other programs like it. I just dont get how to set it up, after I install it. :confused:

Dart Matsuraki
22.01.2006, 22:53
The problem is, after I install it and I clickon the chortcut that it creates, I see a new icon appear in the system tray but the it disappears in less than a second....Anyone know whats wrong?

23.01.2006, 17:57
i had the same problem with kingkong game, coz the original game shortcut just points to a launcher and not really to the exe of the game.
What game do you try to use ?
As i couldn't success with cureRom, I created a script with "daemon script" (find it in the download section) in order to wait for the real game exe to be closed before to automaticaly unmount my image. if you're interested, I've posted the full procedure for this "daemon script" in an other thread somewhere on this board.