View Full Version : Daemon Tools 3.33 causes Windows XP Pro Sp1 to crash

15.06.2003, 14:42
Hi, I've been using Daemon Tools for a long time, everything worked ok, until i installed the newest version 3.33. I have forceaspi installed on my system 4.60 (1021). It's needed to work many applications like "cdrid" or "clonyxxl" etc., I have never had a conflict with forceaspi and Daemon Tools before, but, since I installed Daemon Tools 3.33, it has a serious conflict with forceaspi. Whenever i open an application which uses the forceaspi adaptec aspi layer, eg; cdrid, clonyxxl, etc., my computer crashes, i get a blue screen with a message about memory dump and i have to restart using the reset button. So, I uninstalled the 3.33 version and went to install the 3.32 version but it wouldn't let me, saying that a never version of Daemon Tools was allready installed on this machine, even though i had uninstalled it using the add/remove programs. I had to format c: and reinstall windows Xp Pro and then install version 3.32 of Daemon Tools to finally fix the problem. Please tell me if there's a fix out for this problem, and also please advise me on how to completely uninstall Daemon Tools so that you can install an older version without formating c:

16.06.2003, 12:31
I don't know about any issues with ASPI.
It is bad that you could not send me the memory minidump file....