View Full Version : Orriginal disks dont work

25.01.2006, 00:24
after installing demon tools i have found that all my games that use securom now no longer work in my dvd drive or dvd writer , i tried a normal cd rom, but same thing "conflict with disk emulation software please check wwwsecurom.com/support" comes up. my disks are orriginal and this problem only happened after i used demon tols for the 1st time :confused: i tried turning of all emulation, then uninstalling demon tools neither worked same problem again. so i letit go since i was buying a new machine anyway. Now to my surprise that i have the new machine (the dvd drives etc were carried forward onto new mobo) my games are still saying i have emulation software conflicts , despite the fact the hard disks were wiped and a fresh xp pro installed. ARGH please if anyone knows of this problem or has a solution i would be very gratefull. thx in advance

25.01.2006, 12:10
Which version of Daemon Tools did you install? If you haven't, please install the latest version (v4.0.3).

25.01.2006, 13:09
4.03 , the thing i dont understand is that even after a hard disk wipe the drives arnt functioning:confused:

25.01.2006, 13:13
Which games are you trying to play? Please include the game versions too

25.01.2006, 13:44
Dawn of war and act of war , i have tried all available versions , i even flashed my dvd drives. i just baught alcohol as i have seen it mentioned alot on these boards and the acohol made images of the games appear to work fine which i geuss is a solution of a sort for the time being. it appears that any of the cd drives i use in the machine at the same time demon tools have been installed cant verify the disks authenticity even when put into another computer. "sigh".
ah well i found a quick fix solution for this and thanks for the help. I never thaught i would end up having to pirate the games i baught legitimatly just to play them lol