View Full Version : Battlefield 2 & Daemon Tools

26.01.2006, 05:10
After installing all the updates for Battlefield 2 it won't work on my PC because it detects Daemon Tools.
So I uninstalled Daemon Tools using 'add/remove programs' in the control panel. I rebooted my PC and tried to use Battlefield 2. It still said it detected emulation software. I have no other emulation software on my PC I am aware of. How do you completely remove Daemon Tools?

26.01.2006, 12:58
afaik BF2 doesn't detect DT4. I got BF2 with latest updates installed aswell and it works fine with my image mounted.. maybe you have CloneCD or Alchol's vitual drive installed?

28.01.2006, 16:45

I have BF2 and the Special Forces add on. I have just installed DT4 When I run the game, it asks me to insert the disk into the DVD drive. I have turned on all emulations. Any ideas?

28.01.2006, 19:19
Turn the emulations off and use SD4Hide or CureRoM for antiblacklisting.