View Full Version : D-Tools 4.03 and Explorer hangnin'up after login

26.01.2006, 16:15
I have (had) this config
WIN 2k SP4 Italian
D-Tools 4.03
2 Virtual drives
Autostart and automount checked.

I mounted an image on first virtual drive (say E:) and them mounted an image found on virtual drive E: on second virtual drive (say F:). After rebooting windows and logging in, the OS starts loading startup apps and then startup app loading, and, above all, explorer hang up when (I guess) D-tools is loaded and try automounting od the two images that were mounted prior to rebooting.
In this cas I can't even kill D-tools or Explorer processes from Task manager, nor can I log out or shut down the PC (this too hangs up when it come to stop Explorer.exe).
I have to disrupt power supply to boot again, and get the same prblem.
I then tried booting in debug mode, and everything goes fine apart from D-tools not loading due to SPTD driver not being loaded in debug mode.
I booted again the normal way and got again the problem, so I booted once again in debug mode and
1. Renamed the image file to be mounted on dive E: (taht is the physical image file)
2. Uninstalled the two virtial drives E: and F: From Contro Panel->Sysetm applet.
Booted once again in normal mode and got no problem.
Don't know which of the two thing worked fine (don't think both of them) but uninstalled D-Tools, installed it again and unchecked automount to be sure.

14.02.2006, 21:27
I have the same problem:
Win2K SP4
2 Virtual drive.

On the first one I mounted a msf image of about 4gb splitted in 3 file (2GB, 2GB, 0,3GB) that is a UDF dvd with some files and another mdf image of about 3GB.
Then I tryed to mount the second mdf image on the second virtual drive and the sistem hang up :/
Only way to solve is reboot in debug command mode, rename (or delete) the first mdf image and reboot windows...

I remember that I can mount a image from an image with version 3.47 but it was a cd image inside a cd image, not a dvd insiede a dvd...