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16.06.2003, 11:23
Hi guys, I see on various forums that problems with this version of safedisc are increasing... games which work with some readers and not with other and so on... even if the cd is burned with liteon 48-52x and latest version of Alcohol. Any idea of how it works.


01.07.2003, 00:29
exactly my problem, I've got Sims Deluxe (German) with Safedisc 2.90 and a liteon 48x, I tried Alcohol 120% CloneCD, Image creation, Image burning, virtual CD-drive with Alcohol, CloneCd and DT, enabled/disabled: hide CD-R Media in CloneCD/Alcohol, Safedisc emulation in DT

reading/writing always 1x (even if I know the drive cannot do less than 4x)

Any suggestions ?

01.07.2003, 23:11
After one more try I found out what to do, I had to activate the safedisc emulation in DT and AFTER doing that i grabbed the image with Alcohol120% using the default Safedisc2 settings from there, now every thing works fine and i can use the image as a virtual disk.

02.07.2003, 01:14
Thank you for this report!!

24.10.2003, 00:26
Ok Q.

Let say we have an image of the CD we want to make a backup of, the image works fine but when I burn a copy of it, it's a no go. I have just only tried Nero, maybe if I done it with Alcohol it would be fine? (the game is using Safedisc 2.90.


25.10.2003, 17:13
exact, Nero isn't capable of burning cd's which are protected with modern
"copyprotections", like SecuROM, Safedisk etc.

Instead try using Alcohol 120%

07.11.2003, 20:30
But you can burn the whole image on CD with NERO without "extracting" it .
Or is this not possible too?

09.11.2003, 20:19
of course this is possible. You can even mount it from the CD.

20.11.2003, 15:17
But only if the image is small enough. Can I shrik it ?
And it doesnґt matter what kind of CP. The image will allways work, right??

29.11.2003, 01:35
You guys havn't tried BlindWrite5 yet, have you? I havn't either but if one of you could check it for Safedisk 2.9... That might work. I know that program works for Securom 4.8x protected discs though so it might work for Safedisc 2.9.

29.11.2003, 19:36
I have some problems with the safedisc v.2.9 too .
I have a game , but canґt play it . I tried to master it with Daemon Tool but the problems still remain.