View Full Version : how to uninstall daemon tool driver from your registry

27.01.2006, 06:37
i still cant get it how i can completely uninstall my previous version of daemon driver from my system.
iam using XP ss2.:confused:

27.01.2006, 07:08
Have you read the posts entitled "How to remove DAEMON Tools V4" and "My system won't boot after installation of v4, or problems with SPTD.SYS" in the Common Problems and Solutions forum?

27.01.2006, 14:03
i tried to install alcohol 120% on my system and i restarted as it was said.suddenly one extra drive(device) appears in my device manager next to my ASUS DVD.Its name is SCSIVAX DVD/CD-ROM SCSI CdROM Device.What does that means.I have XP pro SS2 system.Is it some kind of a virus .I need to know that.please Solve this:confused:

27.01.2006, 14:35
when i install alcohol120% one extra drive appears next to my DVD ROm drive in the device manager named SCSIVAX DVD/CD-ROM SCSI cdROm drive .i will be grat to know that what is that for

28.01.2006, 08:10
That is the name given by alcohol to it's virtual drive.
Set the virtual devices in alcohol to "0" and it will go away....