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28.01.2006, 19:50
I have a disclaimer being displayed before the PnP Bios Extension in Device Menager.In Device State window there is a note that the system can't load driver for it though Deamon itself seems to be working perfectly fine.
It dosent seem to be affecting performance but still do you have any idea how to get rid of this notification?(It just dosen't look nice:))

P.S Is it because i have an autostart diseabled?

29.01.2006, 11:30
Do you have any related messages in system event log (run eventvwr.msc). Post the message then, including all binary bytes.

29.01.2006, 16:48
But not system event error for me.

29.01.2006, 19:28
In the system event log i have following info

Category - X(error)
Source - Service Control Manager
Category - none
Event - 7026

In the properties there is a note that a driver d347bus may not be started.
Stangely, there is no binary code included.

29.01.2006, 19:38
Does DT4 even use a PNP Bios Extension anymore? I know the x64 version on my PC doesn't list one in the Device Manager. What version of Daemon Tools are you using?

29.01.2006, 19:50
No, the PnP BIOS Extension is related to previous versions, v4.0x do NOT use it anymore, thus if you upgraded to v4.0x the PnP BIOS Extension is just leftover of previous version and should be deleted; check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum to remove leftovers completely, reboot after the procedure - ensure you don't delete Alcohol's Plug and Play BIOS Extension though!

30.01.2006, 15:01
Ah, I should have included all the neccessary information in the first place.
The PnP Bios Extension is now deleted and it seems that without any sideeffects.